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Three Principles Mentoring and Facilitation

How to Connect with Humans

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Welcome! Hola!

We are Carolina & Wayne.

We are 3 Principles Facilitators, inspirational speakers and Mentors:


We work with people to help them leave behind obstacles which may look impossible to overcome.

We see so many people lose hope going through

adversity in life. We are both very kind and determined


The way we work is easy and the changes sustain.

We are passionate about seeing people to discover their full potential.

We know your happiness is just "one thought away"!

We have co-created the Youtube series "How to Connect with Humans" with amazing teachers around the Principles. The series includes the most inspirational guest speakers we could have dreamed of like: Chip and Jan Chipman, Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Dr. Joe Bailey, Jamie Smart, Drs Bill and Linda Pettit, Judy Sedgeman, Christine Heath, Janet A Rhynie, Dr Mark Haward, Aaron Turner, Jacqueline Hollows, Christa Campbell, Natasha Swerdloff, Jacquie Forde, Chana Studley, Jenny Anderson, Dave Elleray , David Hill, Marina Galán, Ian Watson, Liliana Bellini, Ankush K Jain, Yael Abramson, Rob Cook, Steve Adair, Beyond Recovery and many more.

We created this in honour of Sydney Banks, who uncovered the "Three Principles" and then spent the rest of his life teaching and helping people live a better life.

We are currently on the 7th series, which is watched and participated life by many people around the world.

This provides free resources for many programmes created by others: in prison, working with the homeless, foster care young adults, PTSD and veterans, healthcare practitioners and many more.

The series it's being translated into many languages to make it available to as many people as possible.

We are very grateful to have been invited to several talks as motivational speakers. Sharing the Principles is our absolute passion!

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Carolina Gallardo

I am a 3 Principles Facilitator, Clarity Coach and Mentor. I am registered as a professional practitioner with the 3PGC organisation and I offer grounding mentoring for groups and individuals. I am a mum to my 18 year old daughter and a partner to my dear Wayne. I have suffered with depression, panic attacks and insomnia my whole life. This understanding not only changed my life forever but also prepared me to face very difficult circumstances.


I am also a fitness professional who specialises in recovery and general well-being. I love helping people to recover what they felt they have lost forever and/ or discover how much more there is there to find! I am originally from Argentina and have lived in England for 20 years now.

I speak Spanish and English fluently. 

I am currently co-creating the 3PESP new Organisation and school of 3 Principles in Spanish with amazing colleagues, pioneers leading the teaching of the Principles in Spanish: Marina Galán, Fernando A. Pérez, Laura Mesa y Claudia Gómez y Lorena López.


Currently working globally with Latinoamerica, Spain, USA and many other countries. I also work facilitating virtual events with VIEVMA and 3PUK.

I have been very lucky to have amazing teachers in my journey whose very kind guidance have got me here today: Chip and Jan Chipman, Dicken Bettinger, Ian Watson, Jamie Smart, Elsie Spittle, Drs Bill and Linda Pettit and George and Linda Pransky, amongst others.

I am a Three Principles Facilitator & Mentor. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. Before I came to know about the 3 Principles I thought I was broken and unloved due to my past but when I fund this understanding, my life changed forever.


I came across the understanding of the three principles from my partner Carolina who we’ve been in a relationship for 9 years and Janet A Rhynie. Once I finished the sessions with Janet I went on to complete The Insight Space Facilitator  Training with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs.

My first insight came when having facilitator sessions with Janet who showed me that I am not who I believed I was and that I can be anyone I want to be “Wayne isn’t someone with Cerebral Palsy”, I can be anyone I want to be moment to moment day to day which completely blew my mind.

Because of my disability I also thought I was Broken and unloveable but since I’ve met Carolina she has shown me that I’m loved which has helped me find everything I always wanted in my life.


I am also a driving instructor, I know what it means to have  dreams & be able to see them come true!

When not I am not working I enjoy spending time with friends and family. To unwind I go to the gym to keep fit and active.


I am a Co-Creator of How to Connect with Humans and the Back To being you Facilitator Training School with my loving partner Carolina Barker.

I am also an inspirational public speaker and I have been very lucky to be invited to talk to many events.  I also work facilitating virtual events with VIEVMA and 3PUK.

Wayne Yates

How Can we Help You

1-1 Online Sessions


We offer 1-1 sessions online. We work with clients who would like to experience living life to its full potential. If you wake up tomorrow and you had everything you wanted, how would you know that has happened? Can you feel that potential?

In our experience our clients usually come looking to change one aspect of their lives but soon enough other ones unexpectedly also get much better.

We offer different packages to suit your needs. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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Workshops, Online Courses & Retreats


We know from our own experience how impactful is to work with other people in a group during a period of time. From 3 hour workshops to weekend retreats, the power of sharing life-change insights with others, discovering what a simple understanding can invaluable.

Please contact us if would like more information for yourself or your organisation.

Three Principles Facilitator Trainning


We have found the most rewarding experiences on being able to share with others this understanding. A paradigm shift uncovered and passed on by the teachings of the late Sydney Banks. This is so effective and transformative. We have seen the impossible being done!

If this is something you feel passionate about, we would love to hear from you!

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